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Hitomezashi stitching - 01.12.2020


sample1 Hitomezashi stitching - wow! It's a variant of the Japenese sashiko embroidery technique which produces inticate patterns. According to Wikipedia: "Coming into existence in the Edo period (1615-1868), sashiko embroidery was first applied to clothing out of a practical need, and would have been used to strengthen the homespun clothes of olden times."

Annie Perkin's (@anniek_p) twitter posts explain that the stitches can be decided in many ways: at random, using your favourite numbers in binary, whatever you please. They can be symmetric or not. Whichever you prefer. Colouring in the areas between the stitches makes for interesting patterns. Have a go yourself with my app what I made (not so good for mobile use):

Teasels - 20.11.2020


A country view

Norwich - 10.09.2020


Norwich street view

Denbighshire - 01.05.2019


An attractive valley

Eat in full colour - 01.12.2020

   video  music

What a shame that this is an advertising jingle and only twenty seconds long! I'm going to ask Birds Eye for a longer remix.

Afyonkarahisar market - 25.09.2014


An image of Afyon's market.