Ross Noble on Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast

Breathtaking... Ross Noble manages to silence Richard Herring for the best part of 90 minutes...

Fastock | Playing For Change | Live Outside

Roberto Luti and Nico Bereciartua live in Patagonia, Argentina: filmed under a tree with an audience of birds and a few lucky people.

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With every cross...

23 January 2016

Not any old table...

Scott Rumschlag has built an expanding table...

22 January 2016

What's seventeen times nineteen?

Interviewer "It says on your CV that you are quick at mental arithmetic. What's seventeen times nineteen?"
Me "Eighty-two."
Interviewer "That's not even close."
Me "But it was quick."

I slept under the car...

I slept under the car last night.

I wanted to wake up oily.

Tadashi Tokieda on mobius strips

Think you know all about mobius strips? Think again:

24 November 2015


A must watch film - with the excellent Toby Jones (also in The Detectorists) starring as Neil Baldwin.

Johnny Flynn - Detectorists

The theme tune from the BBC4 TV series - a must watch.


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