Somebody called me 'pretentious'

Somebody called me 'pretentious' the other day.
I nearly dropped my iPhone.

A couple of naked

A couple of naked lesbians barged into the house today, and started wrestling with my wife while she was in the bath.
I tried to help, but I could only knock one out.

A G N B :

A G N B :
That's bang out of order.

There's a gang going

There's a gang going through our town, systematically shoplifting clothes in size order...
The police believe they're still at large.

Me and my mate have

Me and my mate have discovered that we both have a fetish for seagulls ...
We're very civilised about it and one watches when the other's having his tern.

Urban Sketchers

This blog site features sketches and often equally colorful stories behind the scenes by 100 invited artists correspondents in more than 30 countries around the world. Some are architects and illustrators, others are graphic designers, web developers, painters or educators, all sharing the same passion for drawing on location.

Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

Richard Bell is an illustrator and writer, based in West Yorkshire. Since 1998 his illustrated Wild West Yorkshire nature diary has featured the wildlife of gardens, woodland, heaths and waterside on his home patch in the Calder Valley and beyond.

Newport (Ymerodraeth State of Mind)

This video made it into the Top 10 most viewed videos on Youtube 2010, despite being online for only 2 weeks.


A headcam view of a downhill bicycle ride - breath-taking!

World's biggest Pac-man game

This is very large indeed. Just ignore the propoganda about I.E.


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