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Day 6 Thur 05-05-2005

Trelawney to Lewdon

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I awoke to a pleasant, dry sunny morning, and set off for Launceston. The walking was easy, and the scenery rural and attractive. The approach to Launceston is dominated by it's castle, dating back to William the Conqueror. I climbed up the steep roads to the centre of the town, and found my main objective for the day a launderette.

The lovely woman running the launderette was very interested in my walk, and very helpful. A good job, as I hadn't done my washing this way for a long time. Let's face it, I hadn't done ANY washing for a long time. While my filthy clothes were cleansed, I wandered around the town, and wished I could have stayed longer. Perhaps the sunshine affected my view, but Launceston was the sort of town that encouraged you to linger, and explore all it's nooks and crannies.

Cornwall - or Devon ?

When my washing had dried, I set off towards Lifton and beyond. I crossed the river Tamar, and entered Devon. My second county! One whole county finished! I hadn't a clue how many were to come, but it felt good to get to this milestone, no matter how small.

There were no campsites on the map, but I hoped to find a B&B and have a night of luxury. Dartmoor was to my right, and the views were dramatic.

As I walked out of Lewdon, I passed Lobhill Farmhouse. It was set back from the road, and had a sign for bed and breakfast. I'd already asked once or twice about accommodation, with no result, and I was tired, so I rang the bell with a little trepidation in case they had no room.

I needn't have worried. The door was opened by Jane, who made me very welcome. She showed me to a luxurious room, offered to do washing or drying, and even offered a lift to the pub later if I wanted to get a meal!

I didn't feel up to a trip to the pub, so Jane got me a sandwich and a bottle of beer. During my walk the helpful, friendly attitude and hospitality I encountered wherever I stayed was a real highlight. Jane couldn't have done more.

I settled down for a quiet evening, and watched TV in my room.

Lobhill Farmhouse
Devon. EX20 4DT
01566 783542