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Day 44 Sun 12-06-2005

Alness to Golspie

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The friendly hotel owner (Jeremy - from Cornwall) agreed to serve me breakfast early, and I asked him about the noise last night. He was puzzled:
"The dog would have barked if there was any disturbance! And, there is only one other guest, an old guy, at the other end of the house from you. He's not up yet."
A real mystery. Still, at least I can say I have been haunted.

The weather didn't look good, the threatening clouds promised rain. I walked inland, heading for Dornoch Firth, through flat, wooded areas, passing through Tain. The rain came, and I got soaked, as I didn't have time to get my wet gear on. I crossed the Dornoch Firth Bridge, and then along the firth to Dornoch, where I looked for somewhere to get lunch, and warm up.

The bar tender at the pub said that he had passed me on the road as he was on his way to work, and gave me a beer on the house! He chatted to me about his travels, which included the Otter Trail in South Africa. A really nice guy, who had seen many parts of the world. As it was Sunday, I ate a roast beef lunch, and chatted to a couple from Nottingham.

Loch Fleet

The route to Golspie followed the coast, then detoured around Loch Fleet, a Scottish Nature Reserve. There is a variety of wildlife here, including seals, but none visible today. The last three miles to Golspie were along the A9, and not very pleasant, as it was busy, with little space at the side of the road.

At six I was given a warm welcome by Alan, at the Granite Villa guest house. I had a comfortable ground floor room, and later walked around the village.

Granite Villa Guest House
Fountain Road
KW10 6TH
01408 633146