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Day 36 Sat 04-06-2005

Innerleithen to Carlops

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As I packed up my tent I chatted to a couple of bikers from the north of England, who were touring around. We agreed that this end of Britain took some beating for scenery and friendly natives, and bid each other a good trip.

I was heading for Peebles, and had to walk along the main road again until I could cross the River Tweed, and take quieter lanes. Where I crossed, there was a cafe and shop, serving salmon fishermen and golfers. I stopped for breakfast, the owner gave me extremely generous helpings (a note for pedants - not helpings of salmon fishermen and golfers), and I felt rather full for the rest of the morning.

Before Peebles I chatted to a cyclist, a charming lady who asked me about my route. I was walking downhill, she was slowly making her way uphill. We both agreed it was good to be out and about!


I paused in Peebles long enough to get my missing map and take shelter from a shower. Then on headed towards Carlops, and the Pentland Hills beyond. I was only a day or two away from the Forth Bridge, and would have to decide whether to visit Edinburgh, or go straight past.

Suddenly, after the series of towns of the last couple of days, I was in quite remote country. I passed through conifer plantations, some felled, which seemed very lonely. The afternoon dragged on, and on, but eventually the country became more friendly, and I reached Carlops. I had covered a lot of miles during the last few days, and was relieved that Carlops had a pub, and that the pub had a room, as there were no alternatives for miles, save camping in the corner of a field.

They didn't do breakfast until nine, so I negotiated a packed lunch instead, and sat in the bar watching two local lads trying to impress the rather nice Aussie barmaid. They had no chance!

The Allan Ramsay Hotel
By Penicuik
EH26 9NF
01968 660258