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Day 3 Mon 02-05-2005

Helston to Truro

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I spent a restless, feverish night before going downstairs early to see Chris. I asked him to forget the full English breakfast, as all I could face was coffee and toast. Apparently, Fish was very good last night.

During the night I wondered whether I was carrying too much weight. I thought about ditching my tent, sleeping bag, maybe even my camera. However, in the morning I felt a little better and much more positive. I decided to press on regardless, heading for Truro. I bid Chris farewell, and took to the road.

I spent the morning walking along quiet lanes, and survived a quite heavy shower. I was relieved that my wet weather jacket and over trousers worked well. Coming to the village of Perranwell at lunchtime, I stopped for a pint of shandy in the Royal Oak, and popped into the post office to send a map home. (Only my third day and already I've shed four ounces of map!)

The very helpful woman in the post office glanced at my mail, and told me she used to live in Basingstoke! Are there any Cornish born folk left in the county?

As I walked on, I realised my ankle had stopped hurting. Things could be looking up! Just before Truro, I asked a young man in a Ford Fiesta if I was on the right route. He asked where I had walked from, and seemed very impressed that I had walked from Helston that morning! A bit of a boost to my ego, anyway.

Truro Cathedral

Truro is a lovely little city, complete with cathedral. I found a b&b in Tregolis Road, and prepared for an evening of luxury listen to the Archers, watch Coronation Street, and get some sleep.

At the end of the evening I realised that during the day I had eaten: toast, and some raisins and a chewy cereal bar from my back-pack. I hadn't felt hungry all day!