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Day 21 Fri 20-05-2005

Marston Montgomery to Monyash

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The lady of the house explained over breakfast that she was moving soon, so no need to put her establishment in my journal. We talked about offspring, university, life and so on. Her son is at uni in Chichester, quite a hike from her part of the world. I realised that I have walked about 500 miles - wow!


I set off around 8:00, and suddenly I am in the Peak District. There are wonderful views, hills and dales (is that Yorkshire?), all very inspiring. At Alstonefield, I have a pint of Marston's Pedigree, and then continued on through more rolling country.

I found a post office to send maps home from in Hartington, it seems I have left behind me the places where post office proprietors hail from Basingstoke! I got an ice cream, and walked on to Monyash. This little village nestles between hills, a man walking his dog guided me towards a B&B.


I wanted to set off very early next morning - I had the bit firmly between my teeth now. The owner didn't want to do breakfast until nine - fair enough on a Saturday morning. Kindly, he knocked a bit off the price as I was going to miss my fry-up. I would hit the Pennine way in a day or two, and I was quite excited to see what it was really like. The guidebooks all made dire warnings about bad weather, getting lost on the moors, broken ankles, and other fun events.

Monyash has a nice pub, but I was exhausted, and lay on the bed watching TV all evening.

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