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Day 19 Weds 18-05-2005

Claverley to Penkridge

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Mrs Henshaw made me a delicious breakfast, and I was on my way. I followed footpaths to Codsall, north of Wolverhampton.

The villages in the area seemed very affluent - dormitories for the big towns and cities nearby. It was certainly four wheel drive country, but none the worse for that. My mind wandered north from time to time, I imagined myself walking into John O'Groats to be greeted by crowds of wellwishers, cheering and clapping. Giving myself a mental slap for daydreaming, I focussed on more mundane issues - washing.

I was directed to a launderette in Codsall, but it was the posh sort - you left your washing there, and they did it for you. Sounds good to me! I retired to the pub for a pint, while my washing was attended to. On my return, I was presented with a bag of washed, ironed and folded clothes. I felt embarrassed shoving it all back into my backpack, but the staff were very understanding.

I was now supposed to be following the Staffordshire Way, but it meandered wildly, so I tarmacced (sp?) it to Penkridge. The Bridge House Hotel had a room for me, and I gratefully took it. (Mental note to self - must make more use of my tent!! Although I had a good excuse, in that there's not many campsites in Staffordshire, and not many secluded places to camp "wild".)

Bridge House Hotel
Stone Cross
01785 714426