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Day 17 Mon 16-05-2005

Upton upon Severn to Stourport-on-Severn

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Had a nice chat over breakfast with my hostess. She has just taken over the b&b, it is really welcoming and comfortable. My room was in a separate building, on the first floor. Nice shower and TV, which makes a difference.

I started walking along the Severn, the countryside and the river were pleasant enough, but I was looking forward to some scenery that wasn't quite so flat. I hit Worcester at lunchtime, admired the cathedral, and wrote some postcards over a pint.

The only two other customers in the pub, Ruby and Tom, were on a coach trip from Nottingham. They were, however, Scottish, and promised me wonderful scenery, charming people, and midges. You can't win 'em all... The landlord told me a tale of a LEJOG cyclist (an M.P. I think) who lost a lot of weight on his trip, but put on twice as much when he finished. One of my reasons for the walk was to lose weight, and get myself fit. I would have to be careful when (if!) I finished. (I was still incredibly superstitious, thinking about completing the walk was bad karma).

After Worcester, I walked on and on and on until about 6 p.m. As I entered Stourport-on-Severn, I met two men who asked me where I was walking to and from. They seemed impressed when I told them, it's nice to have covered enough ground to have that effect on folk. Just a few paces on, I passed a pub, which had a room free. My feet HURT, so I took it.