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Day 16 Sun 15-05-2005

Longford to Upton upon Severn

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At breakfast (fry up !) I chatted to Jens. He was a really nice guy, who turned out to have a huge interest in football. We chatted for a while, and discussed the likelihood of Southampton being relegated today (last day of the premiership season). We were playing Man Utd, and had to win or draw to be sure of staying up. I had a ticket for the game, but decided that the walk came first. I aimed to get to a pub in time to watch some of the match, which was live on Sky.


Tewkesbury Abbey

I followed the Severn Way along the river, via Tewkesbury, through sunny, grassy meadows. I arrived at Upton upon Severn (a really picturesque little town) at 3:30, checked into an excellent B&B, and got into a pub in time for the second half.

I hadn't realised before, but the accents had changed. I was in the midlands. All the locals had Black country accents, and were desperate for Saints to lose. West Brom had an outside chance of staying up, only if they won, and all their rivals did badly. I think the bookies would have happily taken your money at a great price if you wanted to bet on West Brom staying up.

Saints lost, and were now relegated. To the cheers of the locals - who took the mickey out of me mercilessly. West Brom won - and miraculously stayed up.

I retired to the B&B and spent a night in front of the telly, trying not to dwell on how many points Saints had squandered during the season.

Old Street B&B
35 Old Street
Upton upon Severn
01684 594242