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Day 14 Fri 13-05-2005

Bath to Wotton-Under-Edge

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Friday the 13th. I tried not to be superstitious, but couldn't help looking forward to Saturday. Jim and I were up early, him for his lecture, me out of habit. I said goodbye to Jim at the foot of the stairs, and off he went to his 8:15 (!) lecture, and I made for the golf course to the north of the campus. I am really sorry to say goodbye, Jim makes me very proud.

Until now I had been walking more east than north, so progress towards Scotland was slow, as I was walking almost at right angles to the direction I really wanted to go. From now on - it's north all the way! I felt as if I was really getting somewhere from this point onward.

I decided to adapt McCloy's recommendation to use the Cotswold Way, as it tended to meander a lot. I would walk the bits which suited me, and use the many tiny lanes when they were more direct.

The scenery was lovely, and I reached Tormarton in time for a lunchtime pint. By around five I got to Wotton-Under-Edge. This was a sizable village, and I felt sure of finding some accommodation - I should have remembered the date. All the places I asked at were full. As I left the village, a helpful woman told me there was a B&B a couple of miles to the north, so I made for this.

Sure enough, I found the B&B, and fortunately there was a room free. I had walked a long way during the day, and gratefully collapsed on the bed to recuperate. Later, I noticed the panoramic views over the distant Severn Estuary.

Mrs Grimes
Sunrise House
Old London Road
Near Wotton-Under-Edge
01453 842322