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Day 13 Thurs 12-05-2005

Bath to - Bath!

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A day off!! Wonderful. Jim had a lecture at 9:15 (which put paid to my pre-conceived ideas about students lying around all day), so I got the bendy bus down to the city centre. My right leg was quite swollen, so I got a tubular bandage in Boots. I spotted a barber's shop, and got my hair cut. The hairdresser was quite a character, he had an ambition to drive all round the UK coastline, and visit the Grand Canyon. He told me some extremely rude stories which had me in stitches, and wished me luck with my walk.

Pulteney Bridge

Back at the uni, Jim and I got lunch, and did our washing. I spread my tent out on some grass to dry, and while sitting there waiting for the washing, Jim was asked by a female member of staff "who that strange man was?" To his eternal credit Jim owned up to me being his Dad, but I kept a low profile for the rest of the day!

Cheese counter in the market

In between playing football and poker (that's my boy) Jim got me supper, and I spent the evening watching tv and surfing the 'net.