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Day 11 Tues 10-05-2005

North Curry to Glastonbury

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There's nothing quite like a "full" English breakfast to start the day, it was rapidly becoming my favourite meal. Kim's version was delicious, and I had another chance to admire their house and garden.

I shouldered my backpack, walked through their front door, turned at the garden gate, and strode off. Duncan called after me,
"Yes" said I over my shoulder.
"Wrong way mate..."
I would have realised, at least before I got to Land's End.

"Mornin, sheep..."

I was aiming for Street, from previous visits I remember it as a charming little town. Home to Clarks Shoes, as I recall. There was a Youth Hostel on the approach, if I wanted to stop early, and my feet and legs told me I might.

A distant Glastonbury Tor

I walked along the dead flat flood plane of the River Tone, the weather was sunny and warm. After an hour or two, I decided to use the A361 to Othery, then take lanes to Street. The roads all ran in directions other than that which I wanted, so my progress was a series of zig-zags. Eventually I arrived at the Youth Hostel, which was closed for the week!

I pressed on to the centre of Street, whose high street wasn't quite as charming as I remembered it. At around 3:30, I settled for a beer and a Chicken Tikka in a Weatherspoons pub, very nice, but not what I was used to...

Be it ever so humble...

There didn't seem to be much chance of accommodation, so I walked on to Glastobury, admired it's Tor, and found myself a campsite. Tent up, shower - I was getting quite adept at the routine. I nodded at the only other campers, a couple of bikers, and retired early to try and sleep.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention: I was offered a lift twice today! I felt so mean refusing, trying to explain my reasons. How kind people are.