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Day 10 Mon 09-05-2005

Sampford Peverell to North Curry

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Rachael cooked me a lovely breakfast, and I found out that she used to be a nurse. Phil used to teach economics. It was great to meet two people who were so enthusiastic about the walk. Before I left, they insisted I phoned them when I got to John O'Groats, which I will be more than happy to do!

The Grand Western Canal was my route for the first four miles of the day, then I followed lanes and cycle paths to Bradford on Tone. I stopped for the mandatory beer, then continued through Taunton.

I felt out of place in Taunton, it was a bit too big, and busy, with lots of traffic. My perspective had narrowed down to villages, paths and lanes, and throughout the walk I only felt lonely in urban areas. I was pleased to get clear of the bustle, and stopped at Creech St Michael to rest my aching legs.

I phoned the Tourist Information Centre, and got a couple of numbers for B&Bs in the next village - North Curry. The woman who answered one number I phoned was certain I was a friend of hers, trying to wind her up:
"Hello, have you got a room free for tonight?
"Is that Phil?"
"It is Phil isn't it - is this a wind up?"
"No, really, I want a room"
"Go on, I know it's Phil"
and so on. I eventually persuaded her to let me stay, but she still seemed uncertain as we hung up.

Three miles later I arrived at Trevarrick House, and the door was answered by an apologetic woman who assured me I sounded exactly like the devious Phil. She showed me to my room, which was perfect. I found out that Kim and Duncan were animators, who had moved from London to Somerset for a change of lifestyle. Their house and garden were wonderful, full of their art, and I admired Duncan's wooden sculptures (carvings?) of human torsos when I had breakfast. Apparently Kim and Duncan have only been in the house for about a year, but they have done wonders with it - it really was stunning.

Trevarrick House
5 The Pavement
North Curry
Somerset TA3 6LX
01823 491319