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A processing sketch

Made this over the weekend. Tina was thrilled ;)

selected humour (?)

  • A quote: "The flat earth society has members all over the globe."

  • Did I tell you, someone spiked my drink with food colouring the other night?

    The doctor said I'm fine, but I feel like I dyed a little inside.

notable websites

Free header

With every cross...

23 January 2016

Not any old table...

Scott Rumschlag has built an expanding table...

22 January 2016

Freefolk and Whitchurch

Cold but crystal clear:



10 January 2016

Tadashi Tokieda on mobius strips

Think you know all about mobius strips? Think again:

24 November 2015

Cheriton and Bramdean




Crystal clear light with Tina, Chris, Dotty, Tim and Nigel. We walked around nine miles - perfect :)

21 November 2015


Cats and cucumbers

Who would have thought that cats would have such an extreme reaction to a salad vegetable?

Search YouTube for "cats and cucumbers" for hours of fun procrastination.


A must watch film - with the excellent Toby Jones (also in The Detectorists) starring as Neil Baldwin.

Johnny Flynn - Detectorists

The theme tune from the BBC4 TV series - a must watch.

Autumn ...



Walk... bull in field... golden leaves... autumnal... mists... Saints... Bournemouth... 2-0... ladies... pints! ... Wadworths 6X... lurvely :)

01 November 2015