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Ahmad Jamal - Poinciana - 07.04.2022

   video  music

Ahmad Jamal tickles the ivories

Rain - 21.02.2022

   video  music

It's hard to say anything new about the Beatles. But f*** me, even their B sides were perfect. I get such a huge rush of nostalgia listening to the fab four. Rain was released in May 1966, a period of change for the Beatles. Soon to stop live performances, they are experimenting with eastern mysticism, LSD, and cutting edge studio techniques.

If I Could Be With You (One Hour Tonight) - 06.02.2022

   video  music

Ewan Wardrop nails it (again).

Eric Ravilious - 25.10.2021

   video  art

His wikipedia page.

Corpsing Ladies - 31.07.2021

   video  humour

Bet you can't watch this just once!!

Rod Hull and Emu - 08.06.2021

   video  humour

I challenge you to find a better piece of visual comedy than the first six seconds of this clip:

Absolute genius!!

Walking on Sunday in the Sunshine - 31.05.2021


Lasham, Weston Patrick, and Upton Grey yesterday. An idyllic walk in perfect late spring weather.

Danny - a YouTube Sensation - 29.04.2021


YouTube constantly throws up interesting, niche and quirky content. Danny seems to be the current flavour of the month. Dive into his channel, settle down with him and his portable table and chair, and savour the northern charm and culinary excellence which runs though all his videos. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm...

If you watched this, now imagine Danny taking his table and chair abroad. India, USA, Japan, France - the possibilities are endless. Please do, Danny, once we are able to travel again.

Twanguero: Cannonball Rag - 29.04.2021

   music  video


Elizabeth Cotten: Freight Train - 29.04.2021

   music  video

Elizabeth Cotten has a fascinating backstory. Just one detail: the youngest of five children, her parents never named her, just calling her "Li'l Sis". She chose her own name when the teacher asked her name on her first day at school.