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Nightscape - 02.04.2021


I enjoyed making this. Reminds me of watching the buildings of Canary Wharf roll by from the DLR. I was particularly pleased with my twinkling stars :)

Click the image to see it moving in all its glory... nightscape)

Ty Yann pattern - 05.03.2021


Lovely graphics, shamelessly stolen from Ty Yann

Click the image to animate tyyann pattern

Harmonograph - 16.02.2021


The Victorians were really keen on harmonographs but today we can create the patterns without going to the workshop.

Munching Squares - 17.01.2021


munching squares
Wikipedia says that this "trivial computation" dates back to 1962. It still looks good.

Grieg's world - 17.01.2021

   video  music  processing

I was messing around with depth and perspective and added some music.
Made with processing. Music from here.