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Cityscape - 11.01.2022



What better way to spend a day off with a cold than to make minimalist cityscapes?

Inspired by / ripped off from this tweet

A Perlin Sea - 30.12.2021



Spirograph Morphing - 29.12.2021


A better view here
See code here

Circle Packing - 03.10.2021


I generated some custom colour palettes from the Wales and Shropshire photos (last post before this) and used them for a simple circle packing sketch. I really like the effect.

The first palette is from the sky in the final image, the second is from the grasses in the penultimate picture, and the last is from the photo of the metal gate (fourth image).

( was very useful.)

Nightscape - 02.04.2021


I enjoyed making this. Reminds me of watching the buildings of Canary Wharf roll by from the DLR. I was particularly pleased with my twinkling stars :)

Click the image to animate... nightscape Code here

Ty Yann pattern - 05.03.2021


Lovely graphics, shamelessly stolen from Ty Yann

Click the image to animate tyyann pattern

Harmonograph - 16.02.2021


The Victorians were really keen on harmonographs but today we can create the patterns without going to the workshop.

Munching Squares - 17.01.2021


munching squares
Wikipedia says that this "trivial computation" dates back to 1962. It still looks good.

Grieg's world - 17.01.2021

   video  music  processing

I was messing around with depth and perspective and added some music.
Made with processing. Music from here.

Clair de Lune - 04.01.2021

   video  music  processing

A processing visualisation of Debussy's piano piece what I made.