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Hook Lane - 26.11.2021


Near Wootten St Lawrence, this evening. I must try and get up early one frosty morning for these shots. The spirit is willing, but the flesh oh so weak.

Bradley Hill - 18.11.2021


bradley hill

Near Whitchurch. November 2021

Fungi!! - 31.10.2021


Last day of October, a gusty showery day with brilliant sunny intervals.

Perfect weather for some life forms.

Beech Tree View - 28.10.2021


beech tree view

Powys, September 2021.

Wales and Shropshire - 18.09.2021


Old Friends - 29.08.2021



Taken somewhere on the Pembrokeshire coastal path in May 2011.

A Garden Visitor - 06.06.2021



According to the Woodland Trust:
"Dragonflies eat other insects, such as flies, midges and mosquitoes. They will also take butterflies and even smaller dragonflies. Prey is normally caught in mid-air, with the dragonfly using its long legs to catch its quarry. the food will them be carried to a perch where it is eaten."
Ancestors of present day dragonflies living 300 million years ago had wingspans of up to 28 inches: you won't catch me flying around the back garden!
(Picture taken with my OnePlus phone)

Edit: It's a damselfly! They do eat other insects and have many similarities to dragonflies.

The Harrow Way - 10.05.2021


Quite a pleasant evening tonight. Not quite the sunset I'd hoped for, but still very nice to get out.

I've used duck duck go extensive scientific and mathematical methods to estimate the number of leaves on a mature beech tree. The number? Around a quarter of a million, give or take a few. The beech trees where I took my photos sometimes make it seem as if it's raining leaves. Magic!

Beatles in Basingstoke - Brilliant! - 29.04.2021

   music  photo

The Beatles in Basingstoke

The fab four look really pleased to be on the Magical Mystery Tour bus in Basingstoke with the Stag and Hounds pub in the background. If there's one place I can't imagine them visiting it's Basingstoke!

Thanks to Ken for unearthing more information.

Crocus - 26.02.2021