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Mick Lynch - 22.06.2022


I don't think he'll be offered a knighthood any time soon but Mick Lynch deserves one:

He single-handedly destroyed the British media's efforts to portray the rail strike as something sinister and underhand. Note the "journalist" repeatedly calling him "Mr Lynch" - a sure sign of losing an argument i.m.o. He must have done half a dozen interviews yesterday and handled them all with aplomb.

The interview with him starts at 35:12 but the whole thing is well worth watching.

Privilege - 13.02.2022


The sentiment of this piece from the Grauniad in 2012 by Gary Younge is still as relevant today as it was ten years ago. Nothing changes. Neither the brilliance of GY's writing, nor the attitude of our nation's elite. It also seemed a good opportunity to try out some Star Wars scrolling text.
Gary Younge

Class !! - 20.01.2021


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