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Twanguero: Cannonball Rag - 29.04.2021

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Beatles in Basingstoke - Brilliant! - 29.04.2021

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The Beatles in Basingstoke

The fab four look really pleased to be on the Magical Mystery Tour bus in Basingstoke with the Stag and Hounds pub in the background. If there's one place I can't imagine them visiting it's Basingstoke!

Thanks to Ken for unearthing more information.

Elizabeth Cotten: Freight Train - 29.04.2021

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Elizabeth Cotten has a fascinating backstory. Just one detail: the youngest of five children, her parents never named her, just calling her "Li'l Sis". She chose her own name when the teacher asked her name on her first day at school.

Frank Zappa's Perfect Playlist - 22.03.2021


Frank Zappa by Rober Crumb

Did you know Frank Zappa was a Radio One DJ? I can hear gasps of astonishment and disbelief. Well, I gasped. I think I'm the only one reading this.

Back in 1980, Radio One invited Frank to host an episode of Star Special, a show where (err) stars played their favourite tracks for a couple of hours. Among other guests spinning the discs were David Bowie, Abba, Brian Ferry and Dennis Waterman. An eclectic mix of huge names and ... Dennis Waterman.

You can listen to the show and read a really good review here. There are some surprising choices, some songs I'd never heard, and Frank's segues are fascinating.

Someone has gone to the trouble of making a YouTube playlist of all the tracks.

I really enjoy listening to musicians playlist choices. Another favourite was Brian Eno's appearance on Desert Island Discs. Well worth a listen, there are some musical gems which sent me off on an audio voyage of discovery.

Earworms - 13.12.2020


Studies show that 98% of us experience earworms. I've noticed that mine often occur when outside on two feet. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason reason to the tunes which pop into my head, they seem almost completely random.

I'm keeping a record:
(Updated - 21.02.2021)

Grieg's world - 17.01.2021

   video  music  processing

I was messing around with depth and perspective and added some music.
Made with processing. Music from here.

Clair de Lune - 04.01.2021

   video  music  processing

A processing visualisation of Debussy's piano piece what I made.

Judee Sill - The Kiss - 15.12.2020

   video  music

Bob Harris introduces Judee Sill on the Old Grey Whistle Test in 1973 singing this sublime song. She has sadly long since passed away. Her Wikipedia entry makes surprising reading and belies her modest appearance and the purity of this composition.

Ali Farka Touré & Toumani Diabaté - Debe live at Bozar - 07.12.2020

   video  music

Sadly Ali Toure is no longer with us but he and Toumani Diabete made wonderful music together.

Eat in full colour - 01.12.2020

   video  music

What a shame that this is an advertising jingle and only twenty seconds long! I'm going to ask Birds Eye for a longer remix.