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Plainsong - 23.03.2021


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Kent Haruf wrote six novels, all set in the fictional Colorado town of Holt. Plainsong is his third book and the first of a trilogy featuring interlocking stories of some of Holt's inhabitants.

Did I like Plainsong? Well, I devoured it in a day, then didn't take much longer over the other two parts of the trilogy. There followed his first and second novels and I'm just starting his final book. He writes about a small town surrounded by large farms and their farmers, and the local bars and diners full of characters - all wonderfully drawn. One such is Victoria, a pregnant teen thrown out of her home by her alcoholic mother. One of Victoria's teachers hatches a plan to get two bachelor farmers to take her in. These crusty brothers and Victoria will bring a tear to your eye.

The Narrow Road to the Deep North - 21.03.2021


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The Narrow Road to the Deep North

A successful and latterly famous Australian doctor looks back on a passionate love affair and his experiences as a WW2 prisoner forced to work on the Burma railway. Reading this made me realise (not for the first time) how easy my generation has had it and how resilient people can be when there is no alternative.

Staying On - 20.03.2021


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staying on

An elderly couple are the last British people left in Pankot after Indian independence. I really enjoyed the bittersweet story of Lucy and Tusker's daily battle to keep some sort of control over their lives, and Lucy's reminiscences of their long marriage. Vibrant and sometimes randy locals add to the fun and kept me turning pages.

Kitchen Confidential - 04.01.2021


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kitchen confidential

Want to know what - and what not - to order at your favourite restaurant on a Monday? Ever wondered what goes on in the kitchen while you sit waiting for your food? Anthony Bourdain answers these questions and tells us so much more about a chef's life.

Set in restaurants in New York, as well as Massachusetts, Paris and Tokyo, this book doesn't hold back in describing their kitchens and the people who populate them.

The author was a well travelled TV presenter, writer, and above all, a chef. He is sadly no longer with us.

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry - 23.12.2020


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harold fry

Harold Fry unwittingly sets off on a pilgrimage the length of England. As we travel with him, we feel each footstep, learn his motives, and probably shed a tear or two as the whole story unfolds.

It's the sort of book which is ideally suited to grey wintry days stuck at home during a pandemic lockdown. Turn the heating on and the TV off.