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Cityscape - 11.01.2022



What better way to spend a day off with a cold than to make minimalist cityscapes?

Inspired by / ripped off from this tweet

A Perlin Sea - 30.12.2021



Spirograph Morphing - 29.12.2021


A better view here
See code here

Hook Lane - 26.11.2021


Near Wootten St Lawrence, this evening. I must try and get up early one frosty morning for these shots. The spirit is willing, but the flesh oh so weak.

Bradley Hill - 18.11.2021


bradley hill

Near Whitchurch. November 2021

Fungi!! - 31.10.2021


Last day of October, a gusty showery day with brilliant sunny intervals.

Perfect weather for some life forms.

Beech Tree View - 28.10.2021


beech tree view

Powys, September 2021.

A Better Class of Person - 27.10.2021


⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

A Better Class of Person

John Osborne's first volume of his autobiography was serialised on Radio 4 Extra a week or two ago. I only heard fleeting moments in the car, but enough to encourage me to find a copy online. And I'm glad I did. It's an excellent read, taking us from his childhood to the brink of his success as a playwright. Always brutally honest, sometimes very funny, it's made me look out for the second volume.

Eric Ravilious - 25.10.2021

   video  art

His wikipedia page.

Circle Packing - 03.10.2021


I generated some custom colour palettes from the Wales and Shropshire photos (last post before this) and used them for a simple circle packing sketch. I really like the effect.

The first palette is from the sky in the final image, the second is from the grasses in the penultimate picture, and the last is from the photo of the metal gate (fourth image).

( was very useful.)