Flickr photo by Richard Fosh

Harrodsburg - photos by Dougie Wallace

Click the photo to visit DW's website. Explore his projects - they are all inspired. Going to chuck my camera in the bin :)

Dougie Wallace

Dougie narrates this video about his Harrodsburg project - fascinating.

Blake Shelton - the man who put the "S" in "HIT"

This was the theme song of a recent drive in the US with Tina, Jim and Les. Les had been listening to it before we arrived in NY and recommended that we listen. It was playing on every country radio station. Like the food, it doesn't get much more syrupy (or cheesy) than this. 

Processing - Daniel Shiffman

Daniel Shiffman is an internet God :) One string to his bow is his YouTube channel about Processing - watch the above introductory video!

Here is his very first Processing tutorial - there are many, many more, thankfully.

Processing - circles and lines



Click on either image to create similar patterns. 

Patterns are made with Processing, which is an amazing programming language designed for anyone to dip their toe into.
There is a ton of information online and many communities to help out.


 We visited in April 2016


view the photos full screen on imgur

Handheld CNC router

Skip to 3 mins 20 seconds if you want to get to the tool porn. This is an amazing device. I want one!